Welcome to the potluck

Who We Are

Welcome to Potluck! We are a community of Asian American podcasters interested in highlighting Asian American stories, voices, and perspectives that have been missing from mainstream media. From discussions about pop culture to stories about our shared histories and heritage, we bring together diverse voices from the Asian diaspora for our listeners.


Meet The Collective


Work with the Collective

Interested in working with us? Here are a few opportunities:

Podcasters: There are no current plans to externally expand the collective yet, but if you have a podcast that we might be interested in, please send us a message to get on our radar.

Sponsorship: If you're interested in sponsoring one or all of our programs, please send us a message. Your support helps us provide better services for our members as well as help us grow the collective to support additional programs and members.

Meet Us: Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on upcoming events and meetups that we host or are a participating in. We're currently based out of the Los Angeles area but you never know when one of us will be taking a trip out to your hometown!