Welcome to the potluck

Who We Are

Welcome to Potluck! We are a community of Asian American podcasters gathered together to support each others' programs and collaborate with like-minded audio storytellers interested in highlighting a cornucopia of stories, voices, and perspectives that have been missing in the mainstream media. From shows about pop culture to high culture, contemporary issues to our shared history, we bring these diverse voices together for you to consume. We're sure you'll find something to your liking at the Potluck, and maybe even discover something new!

Meet the collective

How We Came Together

The founders of the Potluck Collective are all active members in the Asian American media, entertainment, and advocacy scenes in the greater LA area. We are producers, writers, actors, musicians, digital strategists, activists, and organizers. In 2015, seeing the potential of podcasts, as well as the rarity of Asian American voices in the emerging medium, several of our members began producing their own independent programs. We soon became aware of each others efforts through our shared communities, and talks of collaboration began to percolate. A meetup that would eventually become the collective was scheduled in early 2016 to discuss ways to support our growing community of audio creatives. That summer we officially launched the Potluck.

What We Do

The Potluck Collective provides the following services to our members and community:

  • Share our experiences, knowledge and production resources for current or aspiring members to further develop their programs

  • Cultivate a community of podcast listeners interested in listening to a variety of programs exploring culture, storytelling, and current events from Asian American perspectives

  • Host meetups, workshops, and panels to make connections build with supporters interested in diverse voices

Working with the Collective

Interested in working with us? Here are a few opportunities:

Podcasters: While there are no current plans to externally expand the collective yet, we eventually would like to play a part in growing the Asian American podcasting community. If you have a podcast that we might be interested in, please send us a message to get on our radar.

Sponsorship: If you're interested in supporting one or all of our programs, please send us a message. Your support helps us provide better services for our members, help pay for hosting and equipment, and will help us grow the collective to support additional programs and members.

Meet Us: Subscribe to our newsletter or follow us on Facebook or Twitter to stay updated on upcoming events and meetups that we host or are a participating in. Our hosts are always happy to meet our listeners! We're currently based out of the Los Angeles area but you never know when one of us will be taking a trip out to your hometown!